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Shahin Ebrahimi

The author does not purport or intend in any way to turn out a legion, or a multitude of his work. Only portray of his persistence to better himself; in his beloved art of Painting, Motion Picture and Design.

I Shahin Ebrahimi was born in Feb 2, 1976 in Shiraz Fars south west of Persia.
I did extensively travel to many parts of Iran including MehrShahr-Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan.
I did go to Turkey, USA, and Mexico. Pursuing my profession in the art of painting.
I was honored to study with great and distinguished master teachers such as

  • Master Hamid Tahouri
  • Master Hahi Heydary
  • Master Karimi
  • Master Behrooz Bahari
  • Aria Art School and Studio.
  • And a very well known and prominent teacher master Tajbakhesh (Noori  Khan ) in San Antonio Texas USA.

My endeavor with my beloved art of painting encompasses a variety of techniques such as

  • Oil color painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Mural painting
  • Digital painting
  • Moarragh (A Persian handicraft made of small pieces of different woods with different patterns and color).

My work also includes but not limited to opening many art galleries, and art collection exhibitions such as

  • Naz Gallery in Arsenjan Fars south west Iran.
  • Faryad Collection.
  • Ladies Movement Collection.
  • No more gun for kids.
  • Also did open the Land of Art (art school and gallery) in Houston Texas USA.
  • I am the originator and creator of Persheen character, a unique character in its own right.
  • Also, the creator of Hava (Eve) painting.
  • The last moment painting.
  • Did teach at Alliant International University in Mexico City Mexico in 2006.
  • A member of SIVA (Society of Iranian Visual Artist).
  • A member of SVAA (Simi Valley Art Association).
  • I won the first place of mix media painting in Simi Vail California.
  • Furthering my studies I started to attend Houston community College to acquire know ledge in animation and, graphic design, Multimedia Specialization.
  • Created and animated NANA the dancing girl character.

My achievement did propel in 2008 and 2009 and are as bellow.     

pdf version  
Gold Line

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